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Bringing The Fun BAK

About us

BAK Entertainment is top tier extra entertainment provider in the tri-state area. We strive to provide our clients with the best entertainment accessory experience as possible. This is our full time job. We are not only industry leaders in the extra entertainment business, and we are right in your backyard.

Extra Entertainment

BAK Entertainment provides not only professional grade photo booths, but all types of equipment and services for your party or event. Our extensive entertainment selection ranges from custom step and repeats with red carpet entrances to light up pool hockey tables. Never have a standard event again, when you can excite your guests with the best in the business!

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100% Customer Satisfaction

You get the best equipment, hands down. Whether it’s the best quality prints from the photo booth, or one of the best light-up air hockey tables in the country. You get it all, and for a very reasonable price. Our knowledge and dedication in the business will make your photo booth rental flawless. We also service the entire Tri-state area and will travel further upon request.

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LED Sports

This is the ultimate foosball table that kids and adults would have a blast playing. The table is a whopping 16 feet long with bright LED lights which will surely make your event a memorable one!

Take the classic game of pool to the next level with our LED lit table! Looks amazing in the dark and we even have LED balls to add to the awesomness of this table! We assure you it will make a lasting impression with your guests.

Its the classic game of air hockey to a whole new level. It is perfectly lit to give it the party look! You also have the option to project your party logo or any images you would like your guests to play over!

Not your average game of ping pong. This sleek and colorful table lights up all around and you even have the option to place your party logo right on the table! Can easily play 5 on 5 with plenty of elbow room.

Sports Games

You can play with up to four guests at a time by bouncing Ping Pong balls through mini hoops. The scoring is counted by a computer and shows up on a screen above! Kids and even adults will love this fun twist on a classic
arcade game!

In this fun game you take a plain white t-shirt and you create your own splatter design using just a paintball gun! Now whats more fun than that? Makes a great gift for you and your guests to take with you at the end of the event!

Take it to the streets! This awesome setup will make you think that you are on a real urban style basketball court! You can hold tournaments with up to 4 people. This setup alone will make everyone at your party want to participate!

This option gives your guests the ability to challenge each other to a lacrosse shot, hockey slap shot, or even a soccer kick off. Each setup comes with sports equipment a cage and a radar gun that will accurately measure your performance. Completely safe and loads of fun!

Game Shows

A fun game of trivia! Our hosts will play a game with you and your guests, if you get an anwer correct you will be given a key that opens up a locker that reveals your prize.

This is our own version of plinko as seen from the very popular show The Price Is Right! Each slot on the giant board corresponds to a prize of your chosing. Answer one question and get a puck to drop down Plinko board. What ever number the Plinko puck lands on win that amount of raffle tickets for top prize drawing.

Just like the very popular show Wheel of Fortune, but with our version is fully customized just the way you want it! Come take
a spin on our giant wheel of prizes. Each wheel can be accommodoated to fit your event. There’s a win- ner every time!

Love puzzles? Now imagine it ten times larger.. Now you don’t have to! Challenge your guests with timed trivia questions in order to complete the full life size starry night 8 foot puzzle. Perfect for any outdoor event activities!

In this fun and interactive game each one of your guests turns into a contestant to win prizes. Our host will ask various questions and the contestant that racks up the most points gets a chance to win their prize by punching through the fixture provided. It perfectly safe and loads of fun!

Just like on TV contestants compete in wild and cra- zy stunts that have to be finished in under a minute. Minute 2 Win it comes with a hosts and 4 sets of props Games include: High Cup Stack, Kleenex pull, Mummy Wrap and many more. The contestant’s are presented with the blueprint for the first challenge and must successfully complete a challenge within 60 seconds to win and advance to the next level. If time expires or the conditions of the challenge cannot be fulfilled (such as by the contestant exhausting any allotted attempts or committing a foul); The Game is over.

Ready, Set, TEXT! Make sure to have your cell phones in hand as we ask questions on our screens. Text quickly, because you have to be the 1st one to text us the correct answer in order to win a prize!

You’ve seen it on TV now you can have it at your event! The money booth is a great way to get your guests involved in an interactive way to win cool prizes! Grab as money as you can and see what you win!

Candy Drop gives you more candy then you can imagine, the goal is for two people to hold onto as much as they can through 3 tough multiple choice questions. To keep it is correctly answer 3 multiple-choice questions.Once the question is revealed, the duo must debate and decide the answer(s) on which they will
risk all of their candy for.

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